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Transforming production operations performance

 DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

Optimizes production performance and value creation at scale

The ProdOps tuned production operations solution is an automated advisory system that identifies underperforming assets and creates instant collaboration in one easy-to-manage place. Easy access to single-source-of-truth upstream data, calibrated models, and auto-generated insights enables engineers and asset managers to make fast decisions and transform performance. With ready access to integrated analytics, machine learning and AI, ProdOps seamlessly unites disparate operations, engineering data and work processes to power faster, better decision making at scale. ProdOps is a flexible solution that meets teams where they are at – built upon our Production Data Foundation, ProdOps provides off the shelf insights, the ability to bring your own and build your own applications and is both open and secure by design.

Automated insights for better returns on investment

ProdOps is a scalable industry-proven production operations platform that brings together enriched data from IoT sensors, structured and unstructured sources, physics models of wells and networks, analytics and AI. It boosts efficiency levels and transforms organizational performance through automated insights delivered at scale. Leveraging your existing investments in infrastructure and production operations data, ProdOps continuously creates value, becoming increasingly cost effective compared to conventional digital oilfield solutions.

  • Achieve continuous operational awareness from model-driven insights and optimization across the production flow system with Flow Digital Twin
  • Rapid, automated, AI-driven well candidate screening with Well Intervention Opportunity Screening and Management
  • Production surveillance, analysis, and diagnostics
  • Well and field-scale production and artificial lift optimization
  • Flow assurance risk identification
  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Capacity planning
  • Production forecasting
  • Candidate selection for workovers and interventions
  • Provides a single-source view of operations for clarity in analysis and decision making
  • Delivers automated insights that give continuous guidance and recommendations based on the latest operating conditions
  • Enables integrated machine learning and AI for continuous learning and value extraction
  • Offers integrated self-service analytics to support personalization and adding your own IP
  • Enables quick and easy data connections to rapidly prototype new solutions, including cross-domain work processes beyond operations
  • Supports new applications and solutions with an open framework and scalability
  • Delivers consistency across assets and the standardization of best practices
  • Leverages your existing data sources and software technology and increases the return on investment while lowering the cost of ownership

Enhancing operations and production performance

The ProdOps tuned production operations solution enables you to optimize production performance and continuously create value at scale. Powered by the open, cloud-based Delfi subsurface software, ProdOps solution seamlessly connects people, data, and models across the entire production space—streamlining your operations and delivering greater insight for faster and better decision making.

Unifying data in a shared production advisory system

ProdOps solution delivers unity by bringing together data and work processes from across your organization to set new standards. Underpinned by a robust, industry-proven data infrastructure and ingestion framework, the solution brings together live, contextualized data from structured and unstructured sources, calibrated first-principle physics models of wells and networks, and data analytics into a shared, collaborative environment.

The net result is the instant identification of underperforming assets, issues, and opportunities for improvement, as well as confidence in recommendations and decision making at the right time.

Your teams can proactively manage assets by reviewing advisory insights. Insights run continuously and automatically in the background using data-driven or physics-driven models or in combination as hybrid models. Insights provide recommendations that can be ranked based on metrics, such as potential gains and chances of success.

The ProdOps solution enables engineers to share data, store models, and track and manage models as they mature over time. Engineers can easily evaluate alternatives using consistent models for design, engineering analysis, and operations.

Empowering asset teams

ProdOps solution enables asset teams to track production metrics, analyze performance, and manage tasks more easily and with greater clarity compared with using conventional methods. Teams have access to an up-to-date and comprehensive view of the entire asset to quickly understand reasons for underperformance. By automating data gathering, ProdOps solution delivers significant quality improvements and time savings, freeing up time for deeper analysis and the identification of opportunities.

After solutions or opportunities are identified, tasks can be assigned and moved to resolution through collaboration on task assignments, verification, tracking, and up to final closure.

Automating data and analytics

The solution transforms well production management and surveillance by automating the execution of workflows through machine learning and advanced AI. This provides engineers and asset managers with actionable insights and customized analytics for proactive decision making without having to be data science experts.

Data, workflows, and business logic are integrated to autodetect trends and well events, remove data outliers, and automate processes, such as decline curve fitting.

Maximizing ROI and enabling innovation

The scalable ProdOps solution enables you to readily connect to data and build your own workflows and applications. It is a cost-effective solution that lowers the total cost of ownership compared with conventional production surveillance and analysis solutions—providing you instant access to data, models, and analytics for continuous value creation while maximizing ROI.

ProdOps solution combines deep petroleum engineering domain science, innovative digital technologies, and more than 20 years’ experience in digital oilfield projects worldwide. From pilot projects to enterprise wide implementation and postimplementation support, Schlumberger is committed to helping you achieve your full potential with the ProdOps solution by guiding you every step of the way. We work in partnership with you and third parties to deliver solutions that help you remain competitive.