DrillOps Performance Insights

Decoding of drilling data to generate actionable insights to improve the quality and speed of decision-making during planning and operations

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Analyze all your drilling data to deliver data driven learnings with DrillOps Performance Insights, part of our Delfi™ digital platform collaborative technology.

Onshore and offshore drilling
Available as Cloud (Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) or On Prem solution

How it improves wells

  • Accelerates learning through systematic multiwell performance analysis
  • High frequency and low frequency data through single point access
  • Improves decision making to reduce risks • Minimizes nonproductive time (NPT)
  • Enables KPI analysis to optimize subsequent performance in near real-time
  • Structured workflows to optimize ROP, set benchmarks or estimate activity durations.

How it works
DrillOps Performance Insights, provides data driven learnings, by integrating past and present data to deliver systematic multiwell performance analysis and learnings for E&P well operators. Used in stand-alone mode, with a choice of workflows, or integrated companion DrillOps™ intelligent well delivery and insights applications, Performance Insights helps visualize multiwell drilling data so that you can address critical issues quickly and capture knowledge for future wells. It delivers data-driven learnings by extracting actionable insights from drilling data, helping to improve the quality and speed of decision-making during planning and operations. With custom visualization dashboards and intuitive multiwell analysis, computation of KPIs across rig fleets is rapidly available. Performance Insights has a set of commercial grade APIs allows extensibility adding custom models or connecting solutions.

Data driven learning
DrillOps Performance Insights has a mutliwell analytics platform, which aggregates rig data and reporting data. Drilling Engineers can use this functionality to analyze operational performance and events more efficiently, adding context to the analysis, and storing the results as lessons learned or best practice.

The takeaways
Performance Insights runs on the Delfi™ digital platform and comprises of data driven learnings. It is available stand alone, either on the cloud or on prem and is integrated with DrillOps applications and has extensibility with 3rd applications. Interconnection with Dataiku I is also available for bespoke solutions. Performance Insights provides both onshore and offshore exploration to production (E&P) well operators with a comprehensive offset and multiwell drilling data solution—they are better equipped to deal with well construction drilling data challenges, from planning to operations.