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Geox software value assessment

Achieving production objectives with full stochastic evaluation of exploration portfolios

Geox software value assessment

Geox™ exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software provides a comprehensive, flexible approach to model exploration, development, and production, activities as well as associated costs and revenues.


Geox software value assessment

Outcome tree of full cycle active-based model.

An innovative activity-based modeling approach supports consistent probabilistic evaluation of after-tax net present value (NPV) and commercial risks. The full-cycle model mirrors the uncertainties, risks, and dependencies captured in your model of the subsurface.

Geox provides rapid analysis of simple opportunities and supports effective interpretation of complex clusters of opportunities. Validation and interpretation functions, combined with an integrated database, facilitate support and promote effective decision making.

Trial-by-trial modeling; subsurface model and exploration and exploitation of project.

Get a complete picture of how your portfolio stacks up to your objectives and quickly see the possible range of outcomes based on after-tax NPV and future annual production:

  • Evaluation of clusters of exploration opportunities around a hub or in a concession.
  • Rapid assessment with model-based generation production and cash flows.
  • Full stochastics where value assessment can honor all risks and uncertainties.
  • Full integration with assessment of prospect risks and resources.
  • Staged and conditional exploration and exploitation activities.
  • Field-based and well-based production models.
  • Direct portfolio composition from a common database.
  • Global fiscal library ensures consistent evaluation of an international portfolio of opportunities .

Geox software play and prospect assessment training courses address the unique need of each learner, our courses, delivered by world-class experts, teach learners how to deal with real-life scenarios and solve genuine problems.