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Well production optimization requires understanding of transients.


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With an increasing number of challenging wells becoming more and more commonplace, advanced simulation tools are required to plan and operate these wells with an acceptable level of risk. Safety margins decrease with increased complexity, making the need for accurate models which include transient effects critical.

The Olga simulator enables well engineers to predict the transient well flow behavior and determine the optimal process to eliminate or minimize potential problems. It supports building a virtual well to analyze what-if scenarios, diagnose well flow problems, and predict results of well operations. Well engineers have seen improvements to their well engineering design to ensuring long-term production optimization, for conventional wells and particularly for wells with advanced completions and complex geometries—long horizontal, multilayer, multilateral, large-bore, and undulating trajectories.

Transient well analysis with the Olga simulator allows well engineers to predict issues with the virtual well and avoid problems with the actual well.


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