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Techlog Wellbore Integrity

Determine the quality of cementing operations and ensure that appropriate barriers are in place both during and after well construction.


Techlog Wellbore Integrity provides built-in workflows for accurately determining the quality of the cementing operation during well construction at both intermediate casing points and across the reservoir interval. At the end of well construction, drilling engineers use Techlog Wellbore Integrity to ensure that appropriate barriers are in place.

Tech Ceme and Pipe
Waveform data and cement maps used to assess probability of isolation.

Cement integrity evaluation

Evaluating the effectiveness of every cementing operation is an essential task during construction and then throughout the subsequent producing life of a well. Techlog wellbore software provides a comprehensive set of tools for establishing the probability of isolation by assessing cement coverage and quality.

Achieving full isolation of relevant producing intervals is imperative from both safety and production management standpoints. The wealth of downhole data that can be acquired to assess the coverage, thickness, and sealing probability of the emplaced cement is readily incorporated in Techlog wellbore software as the basis of the most comprehensive analysis possible.

Techlog Wellbore Integrity automatically recognizes relevant data on load and provides both display and isolation probability assessment. All data and parameters are stored within the Techlog program project for audit and replay purposes. Multiple-well comparison of cement quality is rapidly achieved. Collaborative access to other users of downhole data ensures that all stakeholders are always up-to-date with the status of the cement quality.

One-click reporting is available within Techlog wellbore software to easily generate the relevant reports required by regulatory authorities.

Wellbore Integrity

Pipe integrity inspection

For pipe integrity inspection, Techlog wellbore software can automatically identify all relevant data on load and display it in advanced plots for detailed review. A summary report is available for each connection of the pipe.

The acquired data is used for assessing metal loss and penetration of the pipe to estimate the degree of corrosion. It can also be used to construct a histogram for estimating the radius and ovality of the pipe and to detect scale buildup.

Within Techlog wellbore software, repeat inspections are easily saved and reviewed in sequence. Information derived from the analysis is crucial for decision making on when to perform a workover to repair or replace damaged pipe.

  • Cement quality evaluation
  • Pipe inspection data analysis
Tech Ceme and Pipe Tech Ceme and Pipe
  • Determine optimum intervention timing
  • Evaluate hydraulic isolation in the annulus or behind the pipe
  • Evaluate pipe conditions for corrosion, restrictions, or scale
  • Enhance and manage collaboration between all stakeholders
  • Automatically loads and displays cement and pipe integrity data from any vendor
  • Integrated with all other borehole data
  • Advanced 2D and 3D visualization
  • Deterministic, repeatable, and auditable methodology
  • One-click summary reporting for audit and regulatory purposes
  • Uses Techlog workflow architecture for single and multiple wells
  • Works with acoustic amplitude, impedance and attenuation data
  • Waveform viewer and analysis tools
  • Waveform peak detection and flexural waveform analysis
  • Computes cement coverage and probability of isolation and associated confidence
  • Examines internal radius and pipe thickness for pipe integrity
  • Detects ovality, penetration, metal loss, scale build-up
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