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Electric submersible progressive cavity pump systems

Efficient rodless lift for low production rates of any oil API viscosity with an ESPCP system

3D image of electric submersible progressing cavity pump

Lift better while consuming less power for all API gravities and high gas and solids content

Electric submersible progressing cavity pump (ESPCP) systems are rodless lift systems driven by a high-energy-efficiency permanent magnet motor (PMM) powered via an electrical cable. ESPCP systems eliminate the use of rods, which enables pump placement farther into wells. Lift system uptime and reliability are increased because up to 80% of rod lift system failures result from holes in the tubing and parted rods, in turn triggering workovers and production deferments.


Optimize Production Across an Extended Operational Range

The Reda™ PowerEdge™ energy-efficient wide-range ESPCP system pairs an innovatively engineered pump with a high-performance PMM to provide a more efficient and reliable alternative to rod lift for lower production rates.

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Digitally optimized production

High-performing SLB gauges keep operators digitally informed in real time. The ESPCP system measures and monitors to enable preventing pumpoff conditions and to track equipment performance for optimizing well production in real time. The multisensor downhole gauge package measures downhole pressures, temperatures, and vibration for communication by downhole telemetry to a data acquisition system at surface for interpretation that informs production optimization.

The high compatibility of our ESPCP systems with ESP telemetry systems and completion technology—including the ESP cable—facilitates replacing an ESP system as a well matures and reduces the installation cost.

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