Electric submersible progressive cavity pump with permanent magnet motor

Production rate 12–1,900 bbl/d [2–300 m3/d]
Downhole temperature rating 248 degF [120 degC]
Operational speed range 50–500 rpm
Max. vertical setting depth 10,000 ft [3,000 m], depending on application

Eliminate sucker rods and expand the envelope of applications

Sucker rod and tubing wear cause 30–50% of progressive cavity pump (PCP) failures. The severity of wear depends on factors such as dogleg severity (DLS), water cut, sand cut, and wellbore inclination.

Eliminate rod failure with the KUDU electric submersible PCP with permanent magnet motor (ESPCP PMM), which enables pump installation in a section of the well with high dogleg severity (DLS) or inclination and significantly increases uptime. With no rodstring, torque reduces 20–60%, efficiency and safety increase, and power consumption decreases.

The technology also enables use of PCPs in wells with rod restrictions or wax challenges and offshore wells—including heavy oil wells—where use of a downhole safety valve is mandatory. Lower torque and pressure losses compared with surface-driven pumps maximize lifting efficiency for high-viscosity fluids.

KUDU electric submersible PCP with permanent magnet motor (ESPCP PMM) being lowered into a well.

PCP Run Life Increases More Than Sevenfold Despite High Well Inclination and Sand Production

Downhole permanent magnet motor with progressive cavity pump eliminates sucker rodstring and friction challenges

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Enable production over a wide operating range

The KUDU ESPCP PMM delivers constant and high torque across the full PCP speed range of 50 to 500 rpm. This flexibility enables accommodating a wide range of production rates without replacing the pump, which simplifies artificial lift planning and reduces capex and opex. No downhole gearbox or speed reducer is required.

A synchronous machine incorporating rare earth magnets in its rotor design, the PMM provides additional benefits, such as improved energy efficiency because of low power loss in the rotor and enhanced dynamic performance with a variable frequency drive (VFD) specifically designed for PMMs.

Real-time downhole monitoring

The system uses downhole telemetry to prevent pumpoff conditions, monitor equipment performance, and optimize well production in real time. A multisensor downhole gauge package measures intake pressure and temperature, well fluid and motor winding temperatures, vibration, and pump discharge pressure. 

Downhole signals are interpreted by a data acquisition system on the surface and then sent to the VFD for monitoring, control, and recording.

Compatibility with ESP telemetry systems and completion technology—including the ESP cable— facilitates replacing an ESP with a KUDU ESPCP PMM and improves cost-effectiveness.

Surface installation for a KUDU ESPCP PMM.