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Efficient monitoring of artificial lift performance

Phoenix xt150 gauge

Measure well performance with high-performing gauges

Reduce early failure rates of the lift system with high-performing gauges that monitor and measure well performance and are readily combined with the Lift IQ monitoring and surveillance service. 

The Phoenix CTS cable-to-surface artificial lift downhole monitoring system features gauges that monitor parameters such as tubing, annulus, and other pressures; tubing and annulus temperatures; and three-axis vibration. It is compatible with beam or rod pumps, progressing cavity pumps (PCPs), gas lift systems, and electrical submersible pumps (ESPs).

Gauges from the Phoenix xt150 standard ESP monitoring system and Phoenix xt175 high-temperature ESP monitoring system provide fast, reliable, and accurate information specifically for analyzing ESP performance in a wide range of environments. Measurements of downhole pressure, temperature, current leakage, and vibration provide the data needed to protect ESP system integrity and optimize well performance. Both systems have a tolerance for high phase imbalance and the capacity to handle voltage spikes.

Along with these offerings, Schlumberger also has an ultrahigh-temperature gauge for use use in wells reaching 482 degF [250 degC]. This gauge is only offered as an integrated component of the REDA Hotline XTend extended-capacity high-temperature ESP system.

All systems are SCADA compatible and have a Modbus protocol terminal with RS232 and RS485 ports for continuous data output.

CTS Monitoring
CTS Monitoring

Electrical Submersible Pump Gauges

 Technology  Max. Operating Pressure, psi [MPa]  Max. Operating Temperature, degF [degC]
 Phoenix CTS system  5,800 [40] or 7,500 [51.7]  302 [150]
 Phoenix xt150 system  6,500 [44.8]  302 [150]
 Phoenix xt175 system  6,500 [44.8]  347 [175]

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