MMRG-2V-B Barrier Series Dual-Pocket Side Pocket Mandrel | SLB


Barrier Series dual-pocket side pocket mandrel

Perforated Gas Lift
Tubing sizes: 4.5–5.5 in [114.3–139.7 mm]
Internal pressure tested: 8,500–11,000 psi [58.6–75.8 MPa]
Optional compliance with NACE Standard MR0175 for stress-cracking-resistant metallic materials

Improve integrity of wellbore environment

As part of the Barrier Series gas lift system—especially suited for high-pressure, deepwater, and subsea installations—the MMRG-2V-B Barrier Series dual-pocket side pocket mandrel enhances the capability of existing gas lift systems. The MMRG-2V-B mandrel uses a field-proven, dual-pocket side pocket configuration with a dual-inline, redundant, leak-tight seal. This configuration of dual bores and communication portals allows for the use of two separate and distinct retrievable flow control check valve devices that work independently to simultaneously serve both the flow control and pressure barrier requirements of the gas lift system.

The MMRG-2V-B mandrel features an integral tubing-to-casing barrier valve (TCBV) that prevents tubing-to-casing communication when operating valve is removed and is slickline retrievable.

MMRG 2V B Barrier Series Dual Pocket Side Pocket Mandrel