KUDU Cam-Loc

PCP anchor

Available in up to 4.5-in [114.3-mm] EUE thread connections
Anchor sizes cover casing ID range from 4.5 to 10.75 in [144.3 to 273.1 mm]
Reusable and repairable, with replaceable slips and drag blocks

Enable additional flow area and prevent sand bridging

Expand the flow area and avoid sand bridging around the progressing cavity pump (PCP) with the patented KUDU Cam-Loc PCP anchor. The anchor combines the proven locking action of a cam with a separate slip-activating mechanism that translates into more area for load distribution applied to each part. This results in less wear on the slips, drag blocks, and casing ID, which improves the service life.

Specialized coatings are also available to prevent corrosion, scale, and erosion.

KUDU Cam-Loc