KUDU Sucker Rod Centralizer

Nonrotating sleeve design

Temperature rating of 212 degF [100 degC]
Tubing sizes from 2 7/8 to 4 1/2 in [73 to 114 mm]
Sucker rod sizes from 7/8 to 1 1/8 in [22 to 29 mm]

Eliminate rod coupling wear with a nonrotating sleeve design

Eliminate rod coupling wear with KUDU sucker rod centralizers, which feature a nonrotating sleeve design tapered for rod tripping. The centralizers reduce torque in deviated wells, lower workover frequency, and reduce or eliminate rotational rubbing and rod wear.

In abrasive conditions, Schlumberger recommends centralizing the sucker rodstring wherever the coupling or tubing loading exceeds 25 lbm [11 kg]. In nonabrasive conditions, Schlumberger recommends centralizing wherever the loading exceeds 50 lbm [23 kg]. The centralizers should be installed to keep the loading below 100 lbm [45 kg] on each centralizer.

KUDU Sucker Rod Centralizer

Prevent eccentric motion and eliminate wobble

Schlumberger also suggests the use of a minimum of five nonrotating centralizers on vertical wells to prevent:

  • eccentric motion of the rotor from being transmitted to the rodstring
  • wobble in the rodstring from being transmitted to the polished rod, which reduces the life of the seal or stuffing box.

Download product sheet for suggested placement of the centralizers.