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KUDU Top Tag

Accurate rotor placement device


Accurately place the rotor inside the stator

The KUDU Top Tag accurate rotor placement device is a patented rotor tagging solution for progressing cavity pumps (PCPs) in high-viscosity and high-sand-cut wells. This is the first engineered PCP tool enabling operators to locate the rotor inside the stator without using a tag sub.

With the KUDU Top Tag device, the paddled rotor directly agitates the fluid within the casing rather than being limited to the fluid entering the tag sub. Since the rotor continuously clears the stator intake, the KUDU Top Tag device reduces pump burnout caused by plugged pump intake and rotor breakage, as the rotor is never run in compression on the tag sub.

Improve pump run life

An exposed rotor in the annulus increases wellbore agitation and gas breakout. This improves the pump's run life because of more mixing of sand and oil. By eliminating plugged pump intakes, the KUDU Top Tag device simplifies troubleshooting, reduces cost compared to spring-loaded tag subs, and can be easily rethreaded, or removed and installed on a replacement stator.

Since 2007, more than 3,200 installations of the KUDU Top Tag device have been performed.

KUDU Top Tag