Shear Tool

Contingency tool for fiberglass rod removal

Downhole Components

Easily retrieve sucker rods

For wells using fiberglass sucker rods, the shear tool is run above the pump to enable easy retrieval of rods. In the event that the predetermined amount of tension is exceeded when pulling the sucker rods, the shear tool’s tensile element breaks and allows the rods from that point and up to be easily retrieved. The remaining rods and pump can subsequently be pulled from the well.

The shear tool is rated by size to withstand differing degrees of tension. We recommend that, prior to pump installation, the well be cleared of paraffin above the seating nipple to eliminate premature shearing caused by impact loading.


  • Enables easy retrieval of rods
  • Prevents costly fishing jobs


  • 3/4-, 7/8-, and 1-in sucker rods
  • Tensile element epoxy sealed for protection
Shear Tool