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Additives for removal of hydrogen sulfide or oxygen

Clear brines in laboratory

Effectively remove contaminants from drilling fluid

M-I SWACO provides effective hydrogen sulfide and oxygen scavengers developed specifically for our line of clear-brine completion fluids.

Products in this line include

  • SAFE-SCAV HS brine-soluble hydrogen sulfide scavenger—designed specifically to remove H2S from brine-based fluid systems. These scavengers are brine-soluble and remain soluble after reacting with H2S. Based on an organic chemical rather than the typical zinc- or iron-based compound, it provides a solids-free solution to H2S intrusion.
  • SAFE-SCAV CA completion and workover brine oxygen scavenger—an organic, sulfur-free additive used in calcium-based brines and seawater. It is a fast-acting material that is effective even at low temperatures. With SAFE-SCAV CA, inhibit corrosion caused by the presence of dissolved oxygen in completion and workover brines. It is primarily intended to be used in calcium- and zinc-containing brines such as calcium chloride, calcium bromide, zinc bromide, and seawater.
  • SAFE-SCAV NA completion, packer, and drilling fluid oxygen scavenger—a liquid bisulfite-based additive designed to be used in sodium- and potassium-based brines. It reacts with and eliminates dissolved oxygen as a possible source or corrosion in workover and completion fluids and in packer and drilling fluids. In addition to reducing oxygen corrosion, the SAFE-SCAV NA additive is essential to extending the temperature limit of polymers, such the FLO-TROL special starch-derivative filtration reducer (modified starch) used in the FLOPRO NT reservoir drill-in fluid system.
Scavengers in lab remove contaminants