SAFE-SOLV Oil Well Solvents and Additives | OBM & SBM | SLB


Solvents and additives for displacing oil- and synthetic-based drilling fluid and solids

Additive forms a double emulsion in brine under shear

Soften, dissolve, and suspend hydrocarbon deposits that could interfere with completion operations or well production

SAFE-SOLV solvents and additives are used to displace or remove oil- or synthetic-based drilling fluid and solids while maintaining a high health, safety, and environment (HSE) profile. The additives in this family reduce filtration costs and formation damage while increasing well productivity.

  • SAFE-SOLV OM fast-acting hydrocarbon solvent additive combines nonaromatic hydrocarbon and natural terpene solvents and surfactants for rapid grease solvency with less contact time than solvent-only pickling agents.
  • SAFE-SOLV E hydrocarbon solvent additive is a blend of nonaromatic hydrocarbon and natural terpene solvents designed to optimize grease solvency without using hazardous chemicals. It is ideal for removing pipe dope, OBM or SBM residues, waxes, and asphaltenes as part of a full wash train or separately as part of a pipe pickling procedure before gravel-packing operations.
  • SAFE-SOLV 148 North Sea-approved cleaning solvent is a nonflammable, biodegradable, environmentally acceptable blend of solvents designed to remove pipe dope, paraffin wax, asphaltenes, and heavy crude oil deposits on tubular surfaces or wellbore.
  • SAFE-T-PICKLE high-flashpoint pipe dope solvent is a highly effective nonaromatic additive that contains no recognized carcinogens. It is effective in cleaning commonly used copper- and zinc-based compounds.
SAFE-SOLV solvent