Spacers for dispersing drilling fluid filtercake and leaving surfaces water-wet

Additive forms a double emulsion in brine under shear

Improve displacement efficiency and effectiveness with optimized spacers

SAFE-SURF spacers help remove drilling fluid and solids, disperse films, and leave surfaces water-wet for displacement to completion brine with minimal health, safety, and environment (HSE) impact.

Products in this line include

  • SAFE-SURF E nonionic surfactant and water-wetting agent spacer, which eliminates detrimental effects of calcium, magnesium, and barium ions found in most solution makeup waters and limits pH effects on cement, acid-sensitive formations, and tubulars
  • SAFE-SURF O II oil- and synthetic-based and solids well cleaning spacer, a blend of surfactants, solvents, and powerful water-wetting agents designed to displace oil- and synthetic-based mud (OBM or SBM) and solids and leave downhole surfaces water-wet with low environmental impact
  • SAFE-SURF W water-based fluid well cleaning spacer, a surfactant-based detergent formulated to remove water-based drilling fluid (WBM) and residue from casing, pipe, and surface equipment
  • SAFE-SURF EU casing cleaning agent, comprising surfactant lightly treated with solvent to remove drilling fluid residue and water-wet downhole surfaces and tubulars.
Lab worker testing surfactants and cleaning agents