Organophilic water-based reservoir drill-in fluid system

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Eliminate fliltercake breaker with a smart RDF fluid

The FLOTHRU system is a water-based reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF) system designed to enhance flowback to eliminate the need for a chemical breaker treatment.

The primary filtration control products in the FLOTHRU system alter the cohesive and adhesive forces of this water-based RDF. These products make the water-based filtercake ready to permit easy hydrocarbon flow through the filtercake with the onset of production.

Lab worker testing fluids
Higher return permeability through openhole gravel packs (OHGPs)
Lower flow-initiation pressure for OHGPs and stand-alone completions
Higher tolerance to drilled solids contamination
Organophilic channels for steady oil flow
No chemical breakers needed
Increased production rates from whole interval

Reduce the risk of completion failure

The primary application for a FLOTHRU system is in openhole completions on producer wells where the filtercake may be trapped between the formation and the completion assembly. The FLOTHRU system provides major benefits in openhole completions where the filtercake is not confined. In those applications, it delivers lower flow-initiation pressures and higher return-permeability values. This helps control water encroachment for maximum hydrocarbon recovery. 

In the FLOTHRU system, a proprietary hydrophobic-carbonate component combines with a hydrophobic starch to control fluid loss. These materials create organophilic (oil-preferential) channels through the FLOTHRU filtercake. Their filtercake-building characteristics provide a low-permeability barrier to water and prevent high infiltration. These same organophilic channels avoid the cohesive nature of conventional water-based reservoir drill-in fluid filtercakes and provide increased transmissibility of hydrocarbons, eliminating the need for chemical breakers.

Permeable filter cake system