Enhanced solids separation in clear brines


Enhance solids separation from clean brine fluids and improve filtration efficiency with our specially formulated flocculants.

FILTER FLOC polymeric filtration flocculant

FILTER FLOC polymeric filtration flocculant is designed to flocculate residual displacement solids, enabling solids to be removed from brine-based completion fluids.

SAFE-FLOC II surfactant and solvent blended filtration aid

SAFE-FLOC II filtration aid is used to clean surface tanks, lines, and equipment before filtered brines are received. For reclamation of heavy brine systems, the filtration aid is added to the brine at a concentration that will effectively flocculate and float the dispersed solids.

SAFE-FLOC III clear brine flocculant

SAFE-FLOC III clear brine flocculant is a blend of nonylphenol-free surfactants, flocculants, and high-flash-point solvents designed to flocculate and suspend insoluble iron solids in completion brines. It has an improved environmental quality over a previous flocculant used in the brine reclamation process to remove iron.

Typical Physical Property      
Typical Physical Property  FILTER FLOC Flocculant
 SAFE-FLOC III Flocculant
Typical Physical Property Physical appearance  Viscous clear liquid  Clear to amber liquid  Colorless liquid
Typical Physical Property Flash point  200 degF [93 degC]  180 degF [82 degC]   >202 degF [>94.4 degC] (PMCC)
Typical Physical Property pH  7.4     <2
Typical Physical Property Specific gravity  1.011  0.9  1.014
Typical Physical Property Solubility in water      Water dispersible