Oil- and water-based perforating pills for fluid loss control

Fluid loss control

Temporarily control fluid losses in the perforating tunnels

CLEANPERF WB water-based perforating pill and CLEANPERF OB oil-based perforating pill are used in conjunction with the PURE perforating system, to optimize perforating operations and increase productivity. The dynamic underbalanced perforating system minimizes the volume of perforation and crushed zone debris left in the perforation tunnel. 

Unlike conventional fluid loss control pills, the CLEANPERF WB and CLEANPERF OB pills are formulated to lay down a low-permeability, solids-based barrier immediately after perforating. The robust, but easily removable seal is deposited on the sandface, effectively restricting deep invasion of fluids and solids along and within the perforation tunnels. With the minimal adhesive and cohesive properties of the thin filtercake, the pills readily flow back when production is initiated without requiring a remedial treatment.

Solids-free viscous and crosslinked pills