Completion fluid loss control agent

Fluid loss control

Control losses of clear brine to the formation during completion or workover operations

SAFE-LINK completion fluid loss control agent controls brine losses to minimize formation damage and complications during completion and workover operations. 

Formulated for specific densities, the SAFE-LINK agent applies an extremely viscous seal across the formation face, impeding the flow of completion fluid into the formation. After the operation, the crosslinked cellulose polymer material is easily cleaned up with diluted acid. 

The agent is effective in nonzinc, halide brines and available in brines at

  • 11.0 ppg [1.32 g/cm3]
  • 13.5 ppg [1.624 g/cm3]
  • 14.0 ppg [1.681 g/cm3].
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