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Advanced nonaqueous-based insulating packer fluid

ISOTHERM NT advanced nonaqueous-based insulating packer fluid

Protect against low-temperature problems with well integrity, production, or injection

The ISOTHERM NT fluid offers maximum protection against low-temperature-related well integrity and production complications. It helps mitigate problems ranging from thawing permafrost in arctic environments to taming crude oil viscosities in low-temperature reservoirs. The ISOTHERM NT insulating packer fluid lowers thermal conductivity while arresting thermal convection to reduce heat loss from the produced or injected fluid to the formation surrounding the wellbore.

Deter melting permafrost and rising viscosities

The oil-based, temperature-stable, solids-free ISOTHERM NT insulating packer fluid heads off melting permafrost that impairs arctic wells while considering environmental concerns. It also deters rising viscosities to help optimize production rates, prevents wellbore subsidence and production-line blockage, and is suitable for zero-discharge applications.

Streamline operations with a versatile, one-sack system

ISOTHERM NT insulating packer fluid also helps reduce heating costs for exporting heavy oil. This one-sack system is resistant to contamination and is compatible with various low-thermal conductivity-based fluids, including mineral and synthetic oils. This allows ISOTHERM NT insulating packer fluid to be formulated with locally preferred fluids.

Further improve production with POLAR-VIS viscosifier

The POLAR-VIS insulating packer fluid viscosifier is a highly stable polymer designed for use in operations using ISOTHERM NT fluid. This unique synthetic polymer interacts with base oils to provide sufficient shear stress to control convection at temperatures up to 400 degF. Once fully yielded, the POLAR-VIS viscosifier forms a stable micelle structure, resulting in a robust system that is highly tolerant to contamination. After achieving final rheology, the rheological properties remain the same for the useful life of the fluid.

Worker testing ISOTHERM packer fluid