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Aqueous-based water-miscible insulating packer fluid

SAFETHERM aqueous-based water-miscible insulating packer fluid

Solve deepwater heat transfer challenges with an environmentally preferred solids-free packer fluid

In deepwater and ultradeepwater environments, annular pressure buildup (APB) can seriously jeopardize well integrity to the point of casing collapse, a disastrous end for a high-profile project. Moreover, during production startup, well testing, or intervention shut-ins, low subsea temperatures or cold formation can lead to distinctive flow assurance problems that reduce the value of your asset. 

Engineered primarily with these problems in mind, SAFETHERM aqueous-based water-miscible insulating packer fluid minimizes convective and conductive heat loss, giving you solids-free and thermally stable protection against production-stealing problems related to temperature cycling. 

As an aqueous-based fluid, SAFETHERM fluid is also an ideal option for sensitive onshore and offshore ecosystems. Fluid components are specifically selected to minimize environmental impacts. In the North Sea, the fluid has earned the stringent Class E designation, confirming its environmental acceptability.

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