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Perforation deburring tool

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Remove perforation burrs to ensure safe passage of completion equipment

The M-I SWACO RIDGEBACK BURR MILL perforation deburring tool was developed for use in perforated casing or liners. The tool is engineered to remove perforation burrs to ensure safe passage of the completion equipment.

Our RIDGEBACK BURR MILL tool is built on a one-piece drillpipe mandrel and equipped with three expandable milling ribs. This design ensures contact with the full ID of the casing or liner. The right-hand face of the milling rib is dressed with a carbide compound. With this dressing, the expanding force, coupled with right-hand rotation, ensures perforation burrs are removed from the ID of the pipe.


  • One-piece mandrel
  • Rotation and up-down pipe movement
  • Drillpipe box-up/pin-down connections
  • Availability in all common casing/liner sizes
  • Milling-rib deactivation by ball drop to minimize casing wear during periods of prolonged rotation


  • Provides advanced wellbore cleanup in the postperforating well phase, where a high degree of casing or liner ID smoothness through the perforated interval is required
  • Completely removes perforation burrs, preventing damage to completion equipment, including expandable screens and pipe used in complex or smart completions
  • Provides the capability to turn off tool once the milling or cleaning operation is complete to avoid casing wear
Ridgeback Burr MIll