Deepwater magnet tool

RISER MAGNO BUCKET deepwater magnet tool - hero

Prevent debris from hindering completions

The RISER MAGNO BUCKET tool captures debris in almost all riser cleaning applications where annular velocity in the riser may not be sufficient to carry large pieces of ferrous or nonferrous debris to the surface. This helps prevent accumulated debris in the riser from interfering with completion operations. The tool also features a range of rig connections to accommodate most deepwater applications.

The tool can used alone or with other riser and wellbore cleaning technologies. It is especially beneficial in milling applications such as casing exits and section milling, where the tool works with the other debris recovery tools, including the MAGNOSTAR high-capacity magnet, to capture large amounts of debris.

Designed for safe handling on the rig floor, the RISER MAGNO BUCKET tool comes with a handling pup joint and 16 hermetically sealed magnet blades held securely on the junk bucket, providing 360° coverage. In addition, an integral bearing system on the junk bucket allows independent rotation from the tool body.

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