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Deepwater validation tool

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Capture debris and validate riser cleanliness with one efficient technology

Developed specifically for capturing debris and validating riser cleanliness in deepwater operations, the RISER PATROLLER tool filters the entire fluid column in the riser while brushing and wiping inside of the riser. As a result, you can ensure that all the debris is captured and validate at surface that the riser is free of debris.


Adjust the tool to suit your operations

The tool features a range of deployment capabilities for optimal operational adjustability:

  • on drillpipe to serve the dual purpose of cleaning the riser and validating the effectiveness of the overall displacement operation
  • online cleanup in conjunction with other cleanout tools
  • offline just before moving to another well.

Simplify operation for streamlined cleaning

The RISER PATROLLER tool operates by running into the riser and tripping back out. No balls, darts, or other external devices are required to activate the tool. With a set of full-contact brush rings at the top of the tool that will not allow debris to pass, the RISER PATROLLER tool brushes and wipes the riser wall on the way in and out of the riser.

All debris larger than 0.025 in [0.6 mm] is captured in the tool and returned to surface. The tool’s 1-bbl [0.16-m3] debris capacity allows collecting debris from the large-volume riser fluid column. Cleaning of the riser is validated when the tool is not completely filled upon return to surface.

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