Versatile casing cleaning tool

switchback scraper - hero

Clean critical casing sections with up to three tools (scraper, brush, and mill) in one string

The SWITCHBACK SCRAPER versatile casing cleaning tool can be run as a part of the reservoir-section drilling BHA. Including one or up to multiple tools in a single string enables scraping, brushing, milling, or a combination of all three operations. For instance, the SWITCHBACK SCRAPER tool is ideal for cleaning critical casing sections on the trip out of the hole to begin running sand screens.


This tool is ideal for sand screen completions where, with one bit run left in openhole, a scraper or scrapers (or a combination of scraper, switchable mill, and switchable magnet) can be run in the drilling assembly. With the lowest tool spaced to reach the casing shoe as the bit reaches TD, a ball is dropped to activate the tool. The well is cleaned on pulling out of hole, whereupon sand screens can be run without the need for a dedicated clean-up run.

Other applications include:

  • preparing packer setting depths for lower completions
  • scraping perforations.
switchback scraper - combo


  • Modular design of the scraper, brush, and mill rib for flexibility among scraping brushing and milling modes
  • Rugged design for use in demanding applications
  • Generous flow bypass for optimal equivalent circulating density (ECD) control
  • Ball-drop activation using patented ball seat technology
  • Cleaning action in rotation and force exerted on casing ID through magnetic repulsion of pads
  • Design verified by finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Integral stabilizer to provide standoff for maximum bypass
  • Innovative blade retention mechanism


  • Tool saves trip by allowing scraping of lower completion packer setting areas during final hole section
  • Dormancy feature (blades recessed until activated) greatly reduces risk of packoff around scraper blades during drilling
  • Patented ball seat technology enables multiple tools to be run in the same string—all activated by the same ball—saving rig time
  • Tool disperses accumulated cuttings beds through a combination of hydraulic and mechanical actions, particularly when used with the WELL COMMANDER ball-activated drilling circulating valve
switchback scraper wellbore cleaning tool