Specialized magnet for large ferrous debris

The MAGNOGARD magnet features powerful, easy-to-clean magnets embedded into deep collection valleys.

Simplify completions by capturing difficult debris and retaining it

The MAGNOSHOE magnet is the latest addition in a line of magnetic specialized tools designed to simplify completions by capturing difficult debris. The specialized magnet picks up large ferrous debris in the bottom of the wellbore that cannot be circulated into the annular path of a conventional drillstring magnet. The MAGNOSHOE magnet can be used with other wellbore preparation tools, including the MAGNOSTAR high-capacity magnet and the MAGNOSWEEP II wellbore cleanup magnet.

Built with high-strength magnetic components, the MAGNOSHOE magnet can carry and retain odd-shaped and heavy debris. The magnets rate to 300 degC [570 degF] without deteriorating strength. The magnet can be deployed quickly on the end of the workstring for fishing or for wellbore preparation activities such as displacement or dedicated cleanout. The debris can be removed easily in preparation for the next stage of an operation.

Magnoshoe specialized magnet
Fully encased rare earth magnet
Components rated to 300 degC [570 degF] without deteriorating strength
Forward-facing circulation ports
Modular sleeve with circulating and draining ports

Maximize performance, shipping compliance, and rig safety

The MAGNOSHOE magnet includes forward-facing circulation ports and a simple three-piece design with modular sleeves and circulating and draining ports. As the tool is lowered, a unique fluid circulation ring in the modular sleeve helps disturb nonferrous debris so that the tool can locate directly on top of ferrous debris. Captured debris is not disturbed by fluid draining from ports on the modular sleeve.

The MAGNOSHOE magnet has passed an independent compass deflection test in accordance with IATA Packing Instruction 953, making it fully compliant for shipping via passenger or cargo aircraft. This protective shroud and the designation for safe shipping help ensure a higher level of safety in transporting the magnet to the rig on short notice while also reducing injury risk for personnel handling the tool on the rig floor.