Vacuum debris recovery tool for wellbore cleaning

The MAGNOGARD magnet features powerful, easy-to-clean magnets embedded into deep collection valleys.

Clean up debris in operations with low circulation rates

Because completion and intervention operations are primarily performed in brine fluids, which have very low solids-carrying characteristics, it is often impossible to generate adequate fluid velocities required to clean debris and conventionally circulate it to surface. The WELL SCAVENGER vacuum debris removal tool has a single-nozzle fluid-driving engine that creates a localized reverse circulation flow, which maximizes lifting velocities without high surface pump rates capturing debris in situ.

The WELL SCAVENGER tool has a modular design comprised of the single-nozzle fluid driving engine, a debris screening module, and one or more debris chambers. The debris screening module filters fluid to capture larger debris and is equipped with an internal magnet to collect ferrous debris. Multiple debris chambers increase the volume of debris recovery capacity.

Remove debris in a variety of applications

Used during intervention applications, the tool can remove debris on top of packers and formation isolation valves. It can also be run to recover debris from blanking plugs, or during postperforation cleaning and milling operations.

Well scavenger vacuum debris removal tool
Vacuum debris removal tool