Stimulation services

The acid treatment is diverted to higher stress regions, increasing stimulated rock volume.
OpenPath Stimulation Services helps stimulation fluid reach less permeable areas
OpenPath stimulation services deliver fiber-based diversion technology to maximize wellbore coverage and deep-penetrating acid systems to ensure stimulation for improved oil production.

The most efficient path to your carbonate reservoir

Operators seeking to stimulate or complete conventional and unconventional wells are challenged by the heterogeneity of carbonate reservoirs and performance limitations of traditional acid systems. To overcome the challenge, you need to maximize wellbore coverage and improve reservoir contact to deliver greater production of oil and gas.

OpenPath stimulation services offer an industry-first innovative fiber-based diversion system that isolates fractures of various sizes to enable sequential stimulation of zones and intervals. The services also simplify carbonate stimulation using a proprietary single-phase retarded acid system designed to extend reservoir contact and ensure open pathways for hydrocarbon flow.

OpenPath Sequence diversion stimulation service

OpenPath Sequence diversion stimulation service

Maximize wellbore coverage in carbonate reservoir acid stimulation operations with fiber-enhanced diversion pills.

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Openpath stimulation technique visualized inside a fracture.

OpenPath Reach extended-contact stimulation service

Improve production in carbonate reservoirs with deep-penetrating acid matrix or fracture stimulation treatments.

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