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Dry Friction Reducer

High fracturing performance with improved logistics and HSE footprint

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Improve fracturing operations, logistics, and HSE footprint

Schlumberger dry friction reducer lowers polymer loading requirements for equivalent or better fracturing performance as compared with conventional liquid friction reducers (FR) in slickwater applications. It also simplifies logistics and improves environmental footprint by eliminating petroleum distillates and risk of liquid spillage on location.

The solid polyacrylamide-based product rapidly hydrates in waters ranging from freshwater to high-brine produced water. Because it is mixed in real time rather than stored as a liquid, it also eliminates common concerns about freezing, separation and recirculation.

Recommended temperature range: 45–350 degF
Recommended for mix waters with up to 250,000-ppm total dissolved solids (TDS)
Typical concentration: 1–5 lbm/1,000 galUS