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Adjustable Union & Joint

Achieve the desired length of production tubing without loss of pressure integrity

Blue Steel

Facilitate tubing spaceout when completing your well

In most completions, the length of tubing available at surface is not enough for proper wellhead installation and operation. Pup joints and varying lengths of tubing are used to adjust the production string length as close as possible to the desired value. Then, the adjustable union or joint is installed, rotationally adjusted, and locked to the desired makeup length. In dual completions, the tool can be used to adjust the length of the short string.

Transmit torque, tension, and weight

The adjustable, telescoping action of the union or joint allows it to be set and locked at any desired position within its adjustment length while maintaining pressure integrity in the tubing string. Once the tool is in place, the desired amount of tension, weight, and rotational torque can be applied through it to the tubing.

Adjustable Union and Joint

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