Multitrip Connectors

Deploy intelligent completions in the lower completion

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Disconnect and reconnect upper completion multiple times

Install intelligent completion assemblies in the lower completion by providing communication with the upper completion using Schlumberger multitrip connectors. They enable you to conduct remedial operations, such as replacing an ESP, in the upper completion without retrieving the lower completion.

The concentric design of these connectors enables multiple connect and disconnect operations during the life of a well without the need for any alignment downhole. This key feature makes the connectors reliable and easy to use in highly deviated to horizontal, multizone, multilateral, and extended-reach wells.

Handle completion design changes simply

Schlumberger's intelligent completions gives you maximum flexibility in intelligent completions, which simplifies well design and planning to accommodate unexpected downhole conditions. Predesigned modules and downhole wet-mate electric and electrohydraulic connectors simplify and expedite design changes that arise from reviewing your drilling data: If you decide to lengthen the well or complete an unexpectedly prolific reservoir layer, you can add a new set of packers, gauges, and FCVs to the completions design without the addition of wellhead penetrations or lines to surface.

Multitrip Connectors

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