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Manara System in Extended-Reach Wells

Monitor and manage flow in long wells without complicated completions or intervention

Artist's rendering of a blue extended-reach well in a white formation.
12,000 m
Longest lateral completed with Manara system
6 zones
Most complex extended-reach well using Manara system
>8 wells
Extended-reach wells using Manara system
Schematic of an extended-reach well with two Manara system stations.

If you can drill it, we can complete it

Proven in wells with stepouts of 12 km or longer, Manara production and reservoir management system improves recovery by managing each zone of your extended-reach well without intervention—and without time-consuming complications during installation.

With simplified installation and the ability to withstand pushing, pulling, and rotation, this intelligent completion system is built to reach total depth (TD) and enable flow control of multiple zones in even the most extreme extended-reach drilling (ERD) challenges.

Operator viewing Manara system data on a monitor.

Advanced Intelligent Completion Solution for Extended-Reach Wells

All-electrical intelligent completion system simplifies reservoir management in ERD wells.

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Zonal control improves cleanup, productivity, and recovery

ERD wells are more susceptible than other types of wells to formation damage due to the longer completion length, longer drilling time, and reduced cleanup efficiency caused by the heel-to-toe effect. Manara system, with its integrated surface software intelligence, improves cleanup by optimizing choke positions for each zone to redistribute pressure along the wellbore.

As the well produces, the intelligence continues to improve performance by measuring flow and manipulating chokes to maintain optimal performance over time with dynamic changes in the reservoir behavior—all in real time, without any interventions such as production logging.

The technology makes it easy to delay water or gas breakthrough near the heel—common in extended-reach wells—and thereby maintain or even improve production from the deeper zones you invested time and money to reach. The overall effect is improved recovery across the lateral, with real-time control of each zone.

Simplified installation improves reliability and flexibility

A single electric control line connects each station to the next and the entire system to the surface, minimizing connection points and splices, simplifying installation, and increasing reliability. Intellitite downhole dual-seal dry-mate connectors eliminate potential leak paths, a common issue with monitoring systems. Power and data are transmitted wirelessly across junctions via inductive couplers.

The inductive coupler connects the lower and upper completion, simplifying installation and subsequent interventions if required. Eliminating the control line across the junction enables the lower completion to be run in on drillpipe. The pipe can be pushed, pulled, and rotated to overcome friction and reach target depth in extended-reach wells without fear of damaging control lines, removing any restrictions on the length of the wellbore. Subsequently, the upper completion is installed, and the coupler establishes electrical connection between the two.