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Manara System in Multizone Wells

Monitor and control flow separately from each producing zone, even in dual completions

3 horizontal multizone wells depicted by blue lines, with zones shown by clusters of white cubes.
Schematic of a multizone well with three Manara system stations.

Control each zone separately, and produce separately or commingled

Field-proven in dual-tubing completions, the Manara™ production and reservoir management system improves resource recovery with real-time flow monitoring and control of each zone of your well without intervention.

Whether you commingle the produced fluids or keep them separate with a dual-tubing completion, Manara system helps you gain deeper understanding of your reservoir, enabling real-time flow control changes to maximize reservoir recovery for each zone—even if pressures and fluid properties are significantly different.

Infographic showing conventional well production optimization or problem solving workflow. Infographic showing production optimization or problem solving workflow with the Manara system.
Reservoir and production management decisions that took weeks—even months—are now possible in days or minutes. Continuous feedback and digital control enable optimized production and maximum recovery.
Clusters of white cubes of varying sizes and a meandering blue line on a gray background.

ADNOC Case Studies Illustrate Importance of Technology Qualification Process

ADNOC evaluation found that deploying the Manara system would be in accordance with company guidelines for achieving flow allocation and control when commingling production from different reservoirs.

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Manage reservoir changes without intervention

Manara system intelligence improves zonal performance by measuring flow and enabling you to manipulate chokes to maintain optimal performance over time with dynamic changes in the reservoir behavior—all in real time, without any interventions such as production logging. The real-time flow data also helps you manage artificial lift, such as gas lift systems, to optimize recovery.

Because Manara system operates electrically, it simplifies your completion by eliminating the many control lines required in conventional hydraulically operated systems. That leaves more room in the wellbore for fullbore commingled production or dual-tubing completions that ensure compliance with allocation reporting.

The technology makes it easy to delay water or gas breakthrough near the heel—common in longer multizone wells—and thereby maintain or even improve production from the deeper zones you invested time and money to reach. The overall effect is improved recovery across the whole well, with real-time control of each zone.