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Internal-bypass cement manifold

Liner Hanger
Torque rated up to 50,000 ft.lbf [68,000 N.m]
Hook load rated up to 2,000,000 lbm [907,184 kg]

Manage cementing operations that require rotating or reciprocating a liner

Our internal-bypass cement manifolds (CMIBs) can be used to control the flow of cement and displacement fluids during liner cementing applications with a top-drive system on the rig. The CMIB creates a flow path for cement and displacement fluids without allowing them to pass through the rig's top-drive assembly, preventing cement contamination of the top-drive components.

The Standard CMIB unit is suited for most oilfield applications. The Ultradeepwater CMIB unit is designed for rugged applications requiring high hook loads. Both can be operated with a remote control unit. The Light CMIB unit is designed for smaller rigs on land and wells at shallow to intermediate depths.

Configure plug or ball drops for your cementing requirements

A CMIB unit comprises a swivel and a manifold with modular ball-drop and plug-drop assemblies. The CMIB one-piece swivel housing eliminates threads, flanges, and welds while increasing strength and reducing the bending loads on the inlets. Drop mechanisms are self-contained for low maintenance. 

A CMIB head can be configured for single-plug, dual-plug, or single-ball-drop operations. They are suitable for running and cementing all types of liner hangers, including rotating and reciprocating liner hanger systems such as the COLOSSUS CMT cemented liner hanger system. 

CMIB Cement Heads for COLOSSUS CMT System
CMIB Cement Heads for COLOSSUS CMT System