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BluePack ESP

Retrievable hydraulic-set ESP production packer


Add flexibility to ESP completions

With a modular design common to all BluePack™ production packers, the BluePack ESP™ retrievable hydraulic-set ESP production packer is a flexible choice for vertical and deviated wellbores with ESP completions. Multiple feedthrough ports are available and may be configured for chemical injection, gas vents, and other ESP accessories, using various production and penetrator bore combinations. The packer also enables onsite feedthrough and connection of the ESP power cable. A single-piece mandrel body, designed for 5,000-psi pressure differential, and a straight-pull, adjustable shear release make this compact packer an economical choice for production applications with ESPs.

Rated to 5,000 psi [34.5 MPa]
Rated up to 350 degF [177 degC]
Designed and validated in accordance with ISO 14310 and API Spec 11D1 V3
BluePack ESP retrievable hydraulic-set ESP production packer.
BluePack ESP retrievable hydraulic-set ESP production packer features multiple feedthrough ports, which can be configured for chemical injection, gas vents, and other ESP accessories. The packer also enables onsite feedthrough and connection of the ESP power cable.
  • ESP completions
  • Zonal isolation
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells
  • Range of environments, including H2S and CO2

Save time by simplifying operations

Reduce rig time and cost with simple setting and retrieval operations. No tubing movement is required while setting. The packer is installed with the completion tubing and set by applying pressure to the tubing. Retrieval is accomplished with a straight upward pull on the tubing. Set at the factory to a standard value, the packer shear-release mechanism can be adjusted in the field before installation. When the tension on the tubing string exceeds the predetermined value of the shear screws, the slips disengage the casing and the element relaxes.

Field-proven standard configurable packers

The modular architecture of our BluePack production packers simplifies engineering designs across the entire family.

You can select the packer that’s best suited for your well environment while configuring certain components and subassemblies of the packer based on the specific requirements or challenges of the well. For example, you might customize the elastomer based on the chemical properties of the fluids that will be in the well.

This standardization not only improves lead times and costs, it also improves operations by ensuring that employees are trained on a standardized deployment methodology.

  • Fully configurable for multiple production and penetrator bore combinations
  • Available with HNBR and Aflas® elements
  • One-piece mandrel
  • Configurable as a dual-bore packer for dual-string completions
  • Available in API standard grades Q1, Q2, and Q3
  • API and premium end connections available

Aflas is a mark of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

BluePack ESP packer cross-sections with different bore sizes and penetrator and feedthrough configurations.
BluePack ESP packers are available with multiple production bore sizes as well as penetrator (aqua blue) and feedthrough (dark blue) configurations to suit your well's specific requirements.