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BluePack Max RH

High-pressure retrievable hydraulic-set production packer

3D render of BluePack Max RH high-pressure retrievable hydraulic-set production packer

Add flexibility to your completion

Facilitate inventory management and maximize application flexibility with the BluePack Max RH™ high-pressure retrievable hydraulic-set production packer.

With robust, single-mandrel construction and a slip-element-slip design, this packer maximizes the operating envelope to deliver strength, reliability, and long service life in high-rate production or water injection wells.

Rated to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 400 degF [204 degC]
Validated to ISO 14310 and API Spec 11D1 V0
BluePack Max RH
High-pressure retrievable hydraulic-set production packer
  • High-significance applications such as offshore and high-pressure wells
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wellbores
  • Interventionless single-trip completions
  • High-rate production and injection wells

Set and release choices—now or later

The hydraulic-set packer eliminates tubing movement during installation. It is set by pressuring up the tubing, using any plugging device below the packer. For applications without plugs, an optional hydrostatic setting trigger can be added below the packer. The trigger requires no hydraulic lines and includes antipreset features.

The architectural design of the BluePack Max RH packer enables changing from a standard cut-to-release (CTR) packer to straight-pull-to-release (SPR) packer with a simple conversion kit. This flexibility means that you can order packers early in the completion planning phase and reconfigure them after delivery to accommodate last-minute changes in operational plans. Moreover, you can use surplus packers from one project for subsequent projects even if release plans change, streamlining your inventory.

Field-proven standard configurable packers

The modular architecture of our BluePack™ production packers simplifies engineering designs across the entire family.

You can select the packer that’s best suited for your well environment while configuring certain components and subassemblies of the packer based on the specific requirements or challenges of the well. For example, you might customize the elastomer based on the chemical properties of the fluids that will be in the well.

This standardization not only improves lead times and costs, it also improves operations by ensuring that employees are trained on a standardized deployment methodology.

BluePack Max RH high-pressure retrievable hydraulic-set production packer
  • Slips protected from debris by debris barrier
  • One-piece mandrel
  • Big-bore versions available
  • Optional configurable hydrostatic setting trigger