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Gravel-pack dual-bore and sealbore packer

QUANTUM HSB Gravel-Pack Dual-Bore and Sealbore Packer
Rated up to 6,000 psi [41 MPa]
Rated to 250 degF [121 degC]

Optimize dual-bore completions

Designed to optimize sand control applications, the QUANTUM HSB gravel-pack dual-bore and sealbore packer’s seal assembly combines with the large bore of the packer to allow a full tubing ID. This hydraulic-set, retrievable packer is ideally suited for multiple completion options or zones, including single-selective and dual completions. Single-completion configurations benefit from the packer’s large internal diameter, which is essential for high-rate production applications.

No tubing rotation is required to fully set the packer. It has a one-piece, self-energizing packing element and bidirectional slips below the element for maximum protection from debris fouling. 

QUANTUM HSB Gravel-Pack Dual-Bore and Sealbore Packer

Configure to meet application requirements

The QUANTUM HSB packer is available in a variety of configurations, including sealbore lengths up to 20 ft [6.10 m]. It is compatible with the full QUANTUM packer accessory line, including gravel-pack service tools, seal assemblies, and retrieval tools. 

The QUANTUB HSB packer's flow-wetted components are manufactured from materials that comply with NACE Standard MR0175 for sulfide stress cracking-resistant metallic materials.

QUANTUM HSB Gravel-Pack Dual-Bore and Sealbore Packer