QUANTUM MultiPort Packer | Intelligent Completion | SLB


Gravel-pack multiport packer

QUANTUM MultiPort Packer
Rated to 250 degF [121 degC]
Validated to ISO 14310 and API Spec 11D1 V3

Optimize stacked intelligent completions

Use the QUANTUM MultiPort gravel-pack multiport packer as the upper packer in stacked intelligent completion configurations with surface-controlled subsurface flow control valves and tubing-mounted reservoir monitoring equipment.

The hydraulic-set, retrievable packer is designed to enable onsite feed-through and connection of electric and hydraulic conduits, followed by testing of control-line fittings. 

QUANTUM MultiPort Packer

Simplify rig operations and reduce control line terminations

The packer design enables simultaneous setting of multiple packers and simultaneous testing of bypass seals on the rig floor. 

Additional features

  • Pressure-isolated multiple ports
  • Packing element with integral antiextrusion rings
  • Component parts rotationally locked to the mandrel
  • Available for a variety of service applications, including H2S and CO2 environments 
MRP-MP Modular Multiport Packers