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Swellable bonded-to-pipe packer

ResPack swellable bonded-to-pipe packer
Rated to 15,000 psi [103 MPa]
Rated to 365 degF [185 degC]

Enhance high-pressure well integrity and zonal isolation with a short, bonded packer element

With short packer elements that swell in your choice of water or oil, the ResPack swellable bonded-to-pipe packer maximizes well integrity for single-trip completions in openhole and cased hole wells. 

These robust packers are designed for zonal isolation applications including multistage fracturing, reservoir compartmentalization in wells with inflow control devices (ICDs), straddle assemblies, cement replacement, and annular barriers for sand screens.

The packer swells on contact with either oil or water and expands to seal the annulus around the pipe. The short packer element enhances well integrity and is better able to traverse tight openhole sections and lateral transitions.

ResPack swellable bonded-to-pipe packer
The ResPack packer's oil- or water-swellable element is bonded to the pipe for maximum integrity. The short element simplifies running in tight wellbore sections and lateral transitions.

Choose oil- or water-swellable elements to suit your application and well requirements

For packers with oil-swellable elements, an integral delay mechanism integrated into the polymer minimizes the risk of premature swelling and setting without the need for an additional exterior coating. 

In the water-swellable packer, reactive fillers integrated into the elastomer prevent he loss of strength and deswelling effects seen in conventional water-swellable packers. This unique-to-Schlumberger technology enables higher pressure ratings per foot than for conventional water-swellable packers.

ResPack swellable bonded-to-pipe packer