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ResPack Slip

Swellable slip-on packer

ResPack Slip swellable slip-on packer
Rated up to 3,000 psi [20.7 MPa]
Rated to 365 degF [185 degC]

Simplify annular isolation with modular, slip-on packers

With no moving parts or special equipment required for installation, the ResPack Slip swellable slip-on packer simplifies your compartmentalized openhole and cased hole completion.

Designed for applications from well construction and inflow control completions to gravel packing and multistage matrix acidizing, the ResPack Slip packer slips onto the completion tubular, is anchored with locking gauge rings, and swells on contact with oil and expands to seal the annulus around the pipe. An engineered delay mechanism eliminates the need for external delay coatings.

ResPack Slip swellable slip-on packer

Reduce inventory and facilitate design with modular assemblies

The modular ResPack Slip packer assembly enables operators to stock only one product for each completion size. It is available with a single element for applications requiring inflow control devices and with spaced elements for increased wellbore contact.

The packer element is engineered from a complex polymer with properties similar to those of rubber; after swelling, however, the polymer's mechanical properties make it better suited for coping with high-pressure applications and sealing in flowing wells while remaining pliant enough to seal in irregular wellbores.

ResPack Slip swellable slip-on packer