Saltel Frac Packer

High-pressure multistage stimulation packer based on Saltel Xpandable technology

Texture Rotating Blue
Rated to 15,000 psi [103 MPa]
Rated to 320 degF [160 degC]

Isolate zones for openhole hydraulic fracturing

Frac packers isolate zones during openhole ball-drop hydraulic fracturing in unconventional reservoirs with DropShift and DropShift Express frac sleeves. These frac packers improve sealing reliability, especially in irregular boreholes, because they are based on Saltel Xpandable expandable steel technology.

Saltel Xpandable FracPacker high-pressure multistage stimulation packer

Achieve on-demand sealing even in irregular boreholes

These frac packers are made up to a casing string that is run into the open hole. Rotation is possible while running in, and full casing characteristics are maintained. Once in position, the lower end of the casing string is sealed and the internal pressure increased by pumping from surface.

This pressure is transmitted through the expansion port to the packer’s integral stainless steel sleeve. The sleeve expands out into the annulus between the casing and borehole, conforming to the shape of the wellbore and isolating the annulus below the packer from the annulus above.

The patented pressure-balanced double sleeve can retain a seal despite cycling temperatures and varying differential pressures in the annulus. Expansion of the sleeve also centralizes the casing.

Saltel Frac Packer Diagram
Saltel Frac Packer Diagram

Expansion port with valve

The expansion port features a valve system integrated within the casing thickness; this valve acts as a safety feature. If the packer is expanded in front of a severe washout, the valve closes, preventing fluid loss.

Reliable sealing

These high-pressure frac packers achieve sealing with a thin layer of bonded elastomer (HNBR). Dynamic seals can be mounted between steel rings to enhance sealing capacity and increase the temperature range. The end fittings protect the expandable sleeve while running in the well.