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Frac Sleeves

Reduce opex, risks, and environmental impact in multistage fracturing

Frac Sleeves

Plan ahead to save money and time on multistage fracturing

Frac sleeves are the basis for continuous pumping stimulation operations that save time by eliminating the need to run individual plugs and perforating systems for each zone.

Instead, you plan your completion in advance, and run sliding sleeves with your casing—cementing it in place or using alternative isolation strategies, such as Saltel frac packers, to suit your reservoir and economics. Then each stimulation stage ends with a ball-drop that closes that stage sleeve or port and opens the next one. At the end of all operations, the reservoir pressure pushes the balls off the seats, or the balls dissolve to enable production without intervention.

Continuous pumping can reduce opex as well as risks and environmental impact because of lower requirements for water and fracturing equipment and personnel.

Frac Sleeves

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