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CoilShift Precision

CT frac sleeve

recloseable ct frac sleeve

Add flexibility to your completion with reclosable CT-operated frac sleeves

Our CoilShift Precision CT frac sleeve enables selective single-point multistage stimulation and adds reclosable flexibility for rigless zonal shutoff later in the life of the well.

The two-position fullbore sleeve is designed for high-pressure and high-rate hydraulic fracturing operations. The inner sleeve is run in a pinned configuration and sheared when desired, providing positive indication that the specified port has opened before fracturing.

CoilShift Precision sleeves can be opened, closed, and reopened, enabling operators to tailor production over the life of the well using the CT frac sleeve shifting tool. An adjustable detent locking system locks the sheared sleeve to prevent accidental manipulation and provides operators with reliable weight indicators to mark when the sleeve has shifted.

reclosable ct frac sleeve
Rated to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 285 degF [141 degC]

Shift sleeves reliably

The shifting tool has been engineered as a fracture-in-place solution with no requirements for isolation or related service tools, even after hundreds of stages are fractured. The fully compartmentalized and hydraulically balanced design with multiple layers of solids control ensures that no solids will interfere with the tool's operation.