Postperforation Propellant - Well Completions | SLB


Universal setting tool with propellant

perforating charges

The USTP combines standard TCP firing heads (HDF hydraulic delay firing head, BHF bar hydrostatic firing head, EOF extreme overbalance firing head, and coiled tubing firing heads) and propellant setting tools such as the casing packer setting tool. The USTP is used to set downhole equipment such as packers, bridge plugs, and the MAXR automatic release anchor on drillpipe, coiled tubing, slickline, or wireline. Other operations include TCP-style firing of chemical cutters and other propellant tools.

A percussion igniter fits into the firing head. The system contains no explosives but is activated by the firing pin just as in a conventional TCP gun firing. The flame generated by the propellant igniter upon activation ignites the power charge in the setting tool below. The flame can travel across a gap as large as 4 in. Adapters are available to connect conventional TCP firing systems to the Schlumberger casing packer setting tool (CPST) and other models of setting tools and all sizes of chemical cutters.


  • Operational versatility: Combines TCP firing head technology with setting tools and chemical cutters.
  • Multiple conveyance modes: Can be used on drillpipe, coiled tubing, slickline, or electric line