Isolation valve

perforating charges

The eSleeve isolation valve allows a precise underbalance pressure to be trapped in the tubing to optimize well productivity following perforating operations. This valve, available in alloy steel or 13 chrome materials, uses externally mounted dual rupture disks for activation. Modular design allows it to be run in single or multiple configurations.

It is activated by the tubing or annulus pressure without wireline intervention, a distinct advantage in highly deviated or horizontal wells where intervention can be difficult, or even impossible.

This versatile valve does not require hydraulic control lines from the surface. Should it be needed, a backup mechanism is built into the valve sleeve ID for emergency activation by slickline.

The eSleeve valve can be run into a well open (fill-up valve) or closed (pressure-operated underbalance valve), depending on tool configuration. After the packer is set, with the valve initially open, a specific pressure can be placed in the rat hole, after which the valve is closed to trap this pressurfor establishing dynamic underbalance during PURE clean perforations system operations.

eSleeve isolation valve.