SXPV Automatic Production Valve

An explosive production valve synchronized to open as soon as the perforating guns fire

perforating charges

The right valve for underbalanced and overbalanced operations

The SXPV explosively initiated production valve is run between the packer and the tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) gun string. It provides all the functionality of conventional production valves, plus it is designed to open automatically as soon as the perforating guns fire.

The SXPV valve can be run in a completion or formation test string with a lighter column of fluid in the tubing, creating an underbalance condition for perforating operations. It can also be used when existing perforations or leaks below the packer would make it difficult to establish the desired underbalance condition.

This fast-opening production valve will keep the tubing string sealed so that pressure-set packers, tubing hangers, and other pressure-operated hardware, such as TCP firing heads, can be used. The SXPV valve can also be used to provide a closed system for PURE perforating operations.

In extreme overbalance perforating operations, the SXPV valve synchronizes timing between the gun system firing and the valve opening to prevent excess pressure on the casing.

The SXPV can also be used to actuate a hydraulic delay firing head when leaking casing or some other condition prevents pressuring up the tubing to fire pressure-activated guns.

Because it opens automatically as soon as the guns fire, the SXPV allows almost instantaneous flow from the reservoir.