Control Line Wet Mate Connector | Fiber-Optic DTS | SLB

Control Line Wet Mate (CLWM) Connector

For fiber-optic WellWatcher systems

Distributed measurements.
Rated to 6,000 psi [41 MPa]
Rated to 302 degF [150 degC]

Simplify completion designs with a self-orienting connector

As part of a WellWatcher permanent downhole monitoring system, the self-orienting control line wet mate (CLWM) connector links the control lines of the upper and lower dual-stage completions. After the control lines are linked, one continuous optical fiber is pumped into position to analyze reservoir performance using distributed temperature sensing (DTS) measurements. No splices are required, simplifying operations and saving time. 

The CLWM connector eliminates the need for a more complicated downhole optical connector and improves the consistency of your multistage completions that use DTS measurements along the sandface.

Replace fiber without a workover

The CLWM connector can be installed to replace degraded or damaged fiber or to accommodate newer optical interrogation technology—without costly, time-consuming workovers or production loss. 

The connector design incorporates a protective sleeve that blocks wellbore debris to keep a consistently reliable flow passage for fiber-optic deployment.  

Control Line Wet Mate (CLWM) Connector
Control Line Wet Mate (CLWM) Connector