Metris Eclipse

B-annulus PT monitoring system

Well Watcher eQuartz
Rated to 15,000 psi [103 MPa]
Rated to 302 degF [150 degC]

Continuous well integrity monitoring behind the production casing in subsea wells.

Metris Eclipse B-annulus PT monitoring system saves costs through early detection of leaks or pressure buildup behind the production casing. Installation is fast, via simple space-out below casing and tubing hangers.

How it works

Installed at shallow depths, near the subsea tree, the Metris Eclipse system combines a robust and reliable Metris Evolve permanent PT gauge with inductive coupler technology that enables wireless power and data transmission. The slip-on design of the inductive couplers maintains full tubing and casing integrity.

Mounted on the exterior of the production casing, the gauge is connected to a female inductive coupler that is slipped over the casing OD and accurately spaced out below the casing hanger. A male inductive coupler is slipped over the production tubing and spaced out to the tubing hanger. The predetermined space-out enables direct landing of the tubing and casing hangers without need for rotation or additional space-out operations. A bypass channel enables multiple hydraulic and electric lines to pass through the tubing-mounted inductive coupler.

Metris Eclipse
Well schematic of Metris Eclipse system
Sample well schematic illustrating Metris Eclipse system usage.
Well schematic of Metris Eclipse system

The Metris Eclipse system is compatible with all Metris system production gauges. Up to six of these dual-sensor gauges (12 sensors) can be multidropped together with the annulus gauge on one monoconductor cable.