Specialty Screens

Ensure maximum strength, erosion resistance, and sand retention for unconventional sand control applications

Openhole Stand-Alone Screen Completions

Schlumberger specialty screens address the emerging unconventional sand control applications, where conventional gravel packs or screens or both are insufficient, such as heavy oil applications in thermal or nonthermal environments. These screens meet rigid quality control standards to ensure maximum screen strength, erosion resistance, and sand retention.

Specialty Screens
Specialty Screens

Optimize the balance of sand control and well productivity

The MeshRite­ stainless steel wool screen delivers high flow capacity and plugging resistance with a patented 3D filter formed by wrapping layers of compressed steel wool onto a perforated basepipe and then covering it with a perforated shroud. The 40% open flow area and greater than 3,000-D air permeability result in almost no additional resistance to flow in the near-wellbore area or across the screen.

This economical screen reduces completion costs compared with gravel packs and many conventional screen alternatives and is ideal for reservoirs with unknown or poorly defined grain-size distributions or varied grain sizes.

Reduce completion costs with tailored open flow area

FacsRite screens comprise premium-medium discs that are flush mounted and secured onto a basepipe, so the open flow area can be economically tailored to the well's productivity or injectivity requirements. In addition, the construction means the screens can be treated just like casing, and even drilled into place. Their high strength makes them a good alternative to wire-wrapped and prepacked screens for gravel-pack, frac-pack, and stand-alone screen applications. 

FacsRite Sand Screen